Upgrade Your PC During Lockdown with Kingston

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    With the country-wide lockdown for reducing COVID-19 cases, many are now struggling with their productivity at home. Home Desktops or Laptops that were neglected for ages are now being used and overused every day. While some are gaming on it for days together, others are on edge with Work from Home workloads. As such, many people are frustrated with queries for things to check for upgrading their systems with limited budgets. That’s where Kingston comes in.

    With that in mind, here’s a few questions that PC users have had on their minds:

    Why is My PC Suddenly So Slow?

    Well, for starters you can use in-build utilities like Windows Disk Cleanup to clean your hard drive. With that out of the way, the number one reason why older PCs slow down is slow memory.

    Enter Kingston Value RAM

    Kingston Laptop SODIMM Ram_Image

    Slow system memory, or RAM, is one of the primary reasons why people experience a lagging computer. That’s where a high-performance memory kit like Kingston Value RAM comes in.

    • This has standard specifications and works with most OEM PCs & Laptops sold today.
    • You can use this if you don’t remember your PC’s or motherboard’s model number. Simply surf through Kingston’s ValueRam page with your requirement and the search results will give multiple options to choose from.
    • E.g You just want to upgrade to a 16GB DDR4 RAM, you search for a 16GB Kingston ValueRAM and choose any options from it.
    Kingston Memory Search_Website

    If that doesn’t work, you could opt for Kingston’s System-specific memory:

    • This is designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed to work with your specific system.
    • You will select this, if you know the motherboard or laptop model number and decide better on upgrades. Simply use the Kingston Memory Search Feature by entering details and you’ll get multiple Memory (RAM) options to choose from. These are already tested to work with your specific System.
    • Example: You have an MSI GL62M 7RDX Gaming Laptop, Kingston’s Memory Search feature will give you all RAM & SSD options that are tested to work with this laptop.

    So there you have it. Along with good value, all Kingston memory kits have Lifetime Warranty and the company offers free technical support for all your queries.

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