SiSoftware Sandra Titanium Adds Support for AMD Ryzen 3000 “Matisse” Processors


    The latest update of SiSoftware’s Sandra Titanium adds support for AMD’s upcoming Zen2 based Matisse processors. In case you weren’t aware, Matisse is the codename for the 7nm Zen2 chips for the mainstream and HEDT market, set to succeed the 12nm Pinnacle Ridge processors. This new update also adds support for Intel’s upcoming CometLake (CML), CannonLake (CNL), IceLake (ICL) processors, however, it’s based on the publicly available information such as the manufacturing process and architectures they’ll leverage. Other than that, Retpoline support has also been added for select CPUs.

    AMD Matisse Ryzen 3000

    It is a mitigation against ‘Spectre‘ 2 variant (BTI – Branch Target Injection) that affects just about all CPUs (not just Intel but AMD, ARM, etc.). While ‘Spectre’ does not have the same overall performance impact degradation as ‘Meltdown‘ (RDCL – Rogue Data Cache Load) it can have a sizeable impact on some processors and workloads. At this time no CPUs contain hardware mitigation for Spectre without performance impact.

    Retpoline (Return Trampoline) is a faster way to mitigate against it without restricting branch speculation in kernel mode (using IBRS/IBPB) and has recently been added to Linux and now Windows version 1809 builds with KB4482887. Note that it still needs to be enabled in the registry via the Mitigation Features Override flags as by default it is not enabled.

    SiSoftware on Retpoline

    We’ve already shared a crap-ton of details regarding the Ryzen 3000 lineup, including the expected performance boosts (15% higher IPC), the core counts (2x compared to Ryzen 2000) and the core clocks (4.5-5GHz). For more info on AMD’s Ryzen or Radeon products, visit our homepage.


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