Silicon Lottery Launches New Line of Higher-Clocked (Binned) AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs


    Specially binned Zen 2 processors are here! Silicon Lottery released its series of higher binned AMD Ryzen 3000 chips earlier today. The company buys up large quantities of chips and bins the best performers, taking some of the uncertainty of the picture for overclockers.

    Of course, this means that Silicon Lottery-binned Ryzen parts tend to cost more than vanilla AMD units. However, in this case, the vagaries of Ryzen supply and demand mean that a few of the Ryzen SKUs are to be had for less when you buy from Silicon Lottery. Of course, this isn’t the case with most of their lineup. Have a look at their entire Ryzen lineup with the pricing here (thanks Tom’s HW):

    Ryzen 7 3700X

    • 4.05 GHz @ 1.237V, $300
    • 4.10 GHz @ 1.25V, $320
    • 4.15 GHz @ 1.26V, $340

    Ryzen 7 3800X

    • 4.20 GHz @ 1.275V, $370
    • 4.25 GHz @ 1.287V, $430
    • 4.30 GHz @ 1.300V, $610

    Ryzen 9 3900X

    • 4.00 GHz @ 1.200V, $470
    • 4.05 GHz @ 1.212V, $500
    • 4.10 GHz @ 1.225V, $530
    • 4.15 GHz @ 1.237V, $590
    • 4.20 GHz @ 1.25V, $810

    Some of those prices are pretty insane, especially the price on the 3900X. However, considering the supply issues with that particular CPU elsewhere, $810 is actually a good deal for a part with a guaranteed overclock.

    Otherwise, we’d honestly just recommend buying into Ryzen wherever it’s cheaper. Most Ryzen 3000 parts hit 4 GHz easily and the extra hundred or two hundred megahertz isn’t really worth it–that’s one to two FPS higher IF you’re CPU bound. Would you want to buy a Silicon Lottery part or would you rather stick to AMD’s own supply? Let us know!

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