Shadow of War will be getting brand new content for fans to play around with, in the form of the Blade of Galadriel story arc. The DLC, which will release on February 6th, will allow players to control Eltariel, who is an elite warrior and assassin of elven descent, in a brand new story. She is popularly referred to as the titular ‘Blade of Galadriel’ by her enemies, and the new story has the player hunt Nazgul playing as her. She can dual wield and brings a whole host of new abilities and skill to use as the player wills.

Shadow of War Expansion ScreenshotThe story expansion pack was initially available with the original $40 Expansion Pass for Shadow of War but will now be sold separately for $15. Along with the inclusion of the DLC, there will be several free updates to the game. Some of the updates include new enhancements to the ‘Nemesis’ system implemented by the game in introducing new sets of behaviors for Orc Captains (hostile and friendly), as well as new options for the popular photo mode. The DLC also has the potential to affect the strength of your party in the main story, depending on how you play it. New character skins are also available, along with the feature of unlocking Eltariel’s character skin to use in the main story. There have also been several updates to menu screens, particularly the player stats page.

In addition, there will be several additional fixes to the game, the full list of which can be found here.

Shadow of War Expansion ScreenshotShadow of War is a sequel to Shadow of Mordor, which released in 2014. The game has been stated to be an improvement over its predecessor in numerous ways, with praise for its gameplay and implementation of the ‘nemesis’ system. However, the game was criticized, both for it’s story choices and for the introduction of micro transactions and loot boxes.


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