These Dolls are Already Available for Purchase…For $1000+


    Technology has advanced at a remarkable rate in recent years, and while most people know AI and neural networks are one of the fastest growing sectors, their true potential is still out of our reach. For the most part, this tech is invested in medicine, art and security, but some folks have found rather interesting ways to make AI more…appealing- sex-dolls!

    Yes, you heard it right. Only seen in sci-fi thrillers till now and to some extend Japanese media, sex dolls (although not quite as advanced as we’d prefer) are already being sold by multiple firms. In this post, we will have a look at some of the more intriguing AI companions/sex dolls available on the market.


    Harmony by Realbotics is the first AI companion on this list and rightly so. She is one of the first and most popular robotic companions to be produced on a major scale, and to be honest the tech she carries is state of the art.

    Sex Dolls

    Super-realistic eyes with built in cameras, lips with lip-sync, an AI based brain that’s regularly updated and even sensors in different areas that let her feel your touch, as well as internal heating and self lubrication that responds to the AI software.

    In case you don’t feel like spending all your savings on a pretty robot, you can still download the app to make your phone more lively.

    Cherry Babe

    Cherry Babe is built from the ground up to be a visually appealing sex doll, and as such that is exactly what she is. Although not quite as advanced as Harmony, the sheer choice in parts in these dolls is really amazing. From varied skin colors, nails and eyes, you also get your choice of ahem…vaginas and butts. Yeah I’ll leave the exploring to you.

    Sex Dolls

    Be warned though this is highly explicit stuff (NSFW), and the prices are also over the top (above a thousand Euros).


    In case you were wondering that Asians are lagging behind in the creativity department, well guess what? You’re wrong, those lewd visual novels aren’t the only explicit things from the East.

    Sex Dolls
    (not Emma) 

    Meet Emma, a fully talking, AI sex-robot, and unlike Cherry Babe, Emma is pretty advanced. We’re talking about Harmony-level advanced with sensors that cause moaning, heat receptors, internal heating capability and fairly acceptable expressions. Fully customized versions with your personal preferences can also be purchased.

    Mark Robotic

    Now, out of all these technological wonders, the last shows the highest potential. Although far from finished, it is still the most detailed with a humanoid internal and external structure, one that is bound to leave you in awe.

    Sex Dolls

    At the time of writing, 379 units are available in stock and pre-orders are also online. Lastly, unlike the rest of the mechanical ladies on this list, this one isn’t just being developed to be a sex-doll, but to serve in a variety of ways.

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