CES is a great place for tech of all sizes and Sandisk has launched their large, small flash drive at the 2018 edition of the Las Vegas event. This isn’t the most storage you can get in a small storage device but in this form factor, it is the most storage you can get.

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Last year, Kingston showed off the DataTraveler Ultimate GT which has 2TB of storage and is the largest flash drive in terms of storage even now. But the drawback with that was that it came in a huge zinc alloy case. This is where the Sandisk successor scores a point with a more regular form factor. It also adopts USB-C leaving USB 3.0 behind. This is particularly useful given most devices have a USB-C port.

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This is still a prototype and no info about the release date or the price is known yet. This is just a showcase of Sandisk’s prowess in this area and less likely to reach the market given that a USB-C SSD costs around $350 now.


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