2021 Folding Phone Update: Samsung Reportedly Working on Double-Folding Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

    Samsung has been vehemently working on folding phones and its evident how seriously they take this concept to be with their progress so far. Seems like we can expect another new feat as Samsung works on its new double-folding smartphone.

    Will Samsung name it Z Flip Flip?

    An educated guess and a little insight from rumours would be indicated that Samsung’s current line-up of folding phones will receive a yearly update. But as per reports on 9to5Google, Nikkei Asia suggests that we could expect a double-folding smartphone from Samsung as soon as later this year.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip managed to win many hearts, if only it was cheaper. Courtesy: GSMArena
    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip managed to win many hearts, if only it was cheaper. Courtesy: GSMArena

    Further analysis provides a logical explanation suggesting that this decision was taken with the goal to achieve a more traditional smartphone-like aspect ratio. The intentions to shoot for the 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratio will primarily address the scaling issues faced by the current generation of folding phones from Samsung.

    We had previously got sneak peeks into how Samsung visualizes a double-folding smartphone. The main display used a wide panel with two folds on the outer edges that opened up to reveal the massive main display. As the concept dates back to 2020, we can safely assume Samsung has been readying it for quite some time and the product could be functionally ready earliest by end of this year.

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    The productivity aspects of this new concept of design will clearly boost sales if executed properly. With interests around folding phones increasing as the devices themselves approach more usable and practical level of overall quality, Samsung plans to boost production and motivate higher sales goal in the year 2021 almost equaling what the Note series sells currently. So will the Note series vanish this year?

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