Samsung to postpone Galaxy S21 FE to October, might only release in the USA and Europe.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE becomes the latest casualty of the global semiconductor shortage, affecting the Mobile and PC industry alike. 

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 2

    According to, this information was shared with all retailers of Samsung recently. This also comes quite soon after Samsung’s statement that the phone was not going to be delayed. However, Samsung was very vague in the statement, which didn’t fill the onlookers with much confidence. 

    What makes this delay even worse is that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is only slated to be released in the USA and Europe. That indicates that the phone will not even launch in Samsung’s home country of Korea and India. Of course, there is always a chance that the phone becomes available later in its life cycle, but the lack of a launch still stings.  

    Reportedly, Samsung was initially going to shut down its production entirely but decided to do a limited release. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE only survived because of its popularity among the masses.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 3

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the sequel to Galaxy S20 FE, an entry-level smartphone like its successor. However, it was tremendously successful in its entire run due to its low cost and flagship-level features.

    Samsung has already delayed its Samsung Note series, which releases a new phone in the latter half of every year. The new Samsung Galaxy Note phone is now expected to come out in 2022. The global semiconductor shortage is attributed to a steady decline in input prices and the increasing processing power of the chips.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 1

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will have a Snapdragon 888 processor, a 6.5 inch AMOLED display supporting a 120 Hz refresh rate, 128 GB storage, and 8 GB RAM. However, Samsung has refused to officially confirm or deny the rumour of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE being postponed.

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