Samsung To Deliver 3nm Manufacturing Process in 2022, To Use Next-Gen Transistors

Samsung is all set to enter the 3nm manufacturing process. Samsung has been working on the Multi Bridge Channel FETs (MBCFET) for quite a while now. The MBCFET will pave the way for the next-gen of transistors. These transistors are designed in a way such that they can help overcome the physical, technical and electrical barriers required for the 3nm process.

Today, Samsung revealed some interesting details about the upcoming transistors which the 3nm manufacturing process will incorporate. As HardwareLuxx reports, by using the MBCFETs, Samsung hopes to save 50% on power consumption. Moreover, the chips will deliver 30% more power and 45% less chip space. The basis of comparison is a 7nm process, the technicalities of which is unknown.

The 3nm process is slated to be delivered by 2022. However, the current coronavirus outbreak can have some effect on that.


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