Samsung Mocks Apple for Not Including a Charger with iPhone 12

    Samsung ad mocking iPhone

    iPhone 12 series will not include a charger or EarPods in the box. The latest iPhone series was announced in a virtual event recently. Samsung, which is Apple’s biggest rival, used this opportunity to mock Apple with a hilarious poster. Since then, the post has been shared widely and it gave a laugh to thousands.

    Samsung wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, “Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a phone” and shared a picture of a black charger with caption – “included with your galaxy”.

    iPhone 12 and Samsung

    The post has been trending on social media. The post has received over 100K reactions, 20K comments, and 70K shares on Facebook. One Facebook user commented, “Oh Samsung. You’re petty but I like it” adding multiple laughing emojis at the end. Another user commented, “That’s why we love you sammyyy” with one heart and several laughing emojis.

    Some also attacked Samsung for copying Apple and removing the headphone jack from its phones. One person wrote, “Samsung first made fun of unavailability of the headphone jack and proceeded to remove it anyway, so is it the same scenario again.” One other said, “Just gonna save this image for when you decide to do the same thing two years later or so…”

    ‘Growing Up’ with iPhone

    This is not the first time that Samsung has subtly thrown shade at Apple. In an ad released by Samsung in November 2017, it mocked Apple. It took apple through the previous 10 years and leaving them there. The ad was titled ‘Growing Up’.

    Samsung's ad against iPhone
    A still from the Ad ‘Growing Up’

    The ad shows a devoted Apple fan, from his first iPhone in 2007 to the latest one in 2017. While he switches loyalties, Samsung subtly points to the drawbacks in iPhones while comparing it to its own phones; from Apple’s lack of storage space to non-waterproof phones. The ad ends with showing the ex-Apple fan walk past the line for iPhone X.

    One Twitter user commented, “Samsung in one ad took Apple back to their last 10 years and left them there.” Others were really amused at this move. Another user commented, “Samsung came for Apple’s neck” supporting this with a GIF.

    As with the current scenario, not everyone appreciated this move. One user on Twitter commented, “Why does Samsung continue to run its ad campaigns around dissing Apple, doesn’t that make the customer think already that Apple is King?”

    Another user commented, “Samsung’s new ad blatantly attacking Apple/iPhone users is poor marketing and reeks of jealousy and desperation.”

    Samsung vs iPhone

    By attacking Apple head-on, Samsung’s marketers believed they could establish themselves as the challenger brand. They thought it could be a war similar to that between Coke and Pepsi. But is it possible to attack Apple without looking petty, without giving it a free advertisement, without looking like the smaller dog in the pack who barks the loudest then gets laughed at?

    The Apple and Samsung war is not new. These are the world’s top smartphone makers and they have been fighting over the market share for years. We cannot expect this war to die anytime soon.

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