Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-Launch To Clash With iPhone 11 Unveiling

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Looks like Samsung will finally be re-launching the Galaxy Fold in September according to a new report from a Korean news outlet, The Insider. With the launch pegged during either the 17th, 18th, or 19th September, the launch timeline clashes quite definitively with Apple’s usual launch schedule for its iPhones. But the more prudent question to be asked here is whether the Galaxy Fold is ready for prime-time yet?

Samsung has their work cut out for them.
Samsung has its work cut out for them.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold alongside the Galaxy S10 lineup, almost everyone in the tech world was losing their mind. After all, this was one of the most polarizing phones to come out since the introduction of “Edge” displays by Samsung. Though the phone had a considerably expensive launch price, it almost seemed justified considering all the innovation and endless R&D that had gone into making the phone.

The polarizing design of the Fold.
The polarizing design was quite drool-worthy.

Unfortunately, once reviewers started getting their hands on early units, there were a plethora of teething issues. From problems in the display’s protective layer to the hinge mechanism itself, reviewers were quite frustrated with the poor quality control by Samsung. Even with Samsung replacing the early units, the problems just didn’t seem to stop and the Korean giant finally decided to call it quits and pulled the plug on Galaxy Fold sales promising a delayed launch after rectifying common issues.

Popular YouTuber MKBHD gives his two cents about the whole fiasco.
Popular YouTuber MKBHD gives his two cents about the whole fiasco.
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It seems like the time is finally here. With reports coming in that Samsung has ramped up production of the Fold, we’re convinced that Samsung has figured out a way to reinforce the hinge mechanism and sort out the display issues. After the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has really proved its mettle with regards to damage-control and winning back customer satisfaction. We’d expect no less from the relaunched Galaxy Fold.

Analysts believe at least 100,000 units of the Fold will fly off the shelves in South Korea after the launch. For a phone as expensive as this, that’s quite a considerable number! Only time will tell what Samsung has planned.

Stay tuned to TechQuila for more shots of information as and when they’re fermented in the tech world!

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