Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Launched For $199: Features ANC, Surround Sound; SmartTags Launched!


    Samsung has been working on the Galaxy Buds Pro for a long time, and it is only natural to drop it alongside Samsung’s flagship for 2021, the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy Buds Pro will sit at the top of all TWS earphones Samsung currently sells with the best and latest technology Samsung has to offer right now. Let’s talk!

    Samsung’s Top Spec TWS: The Galaxy Buds Pro

    Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have always been the go-to TWS earphones if you own a Samsung device especially a flagship S series or Note series device. Galaxy Buds have always been a well-rounded performer offering a lot of features for a decent price. The Galaxy buds Pro plans to take it further.

    Galaxy Buds has earned the Pro tag for this year and it has received features to back it up too.

    • Design: Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro harks back to the more tried and tested canal type design of the original Galaxy Buds and ditches the kidney-shaped Galaxy Buds Live design. The design is refined update and looks fresh with matte interior finishes and glossy outsides. The Galaxy Buds Pro also come rated with IPX78 certification, the highest rating amongst Samsung’s existing TWS line up. Samsung also claims to have used 20% environmentally conscious Post-Consumer Materials (PCM). There are 3 colour options available — Phantom Black, Phantom Silver and Phantom Violet.
    • Hardware: Samsung plans to push the Pro tag by introducing an integrated driver set up with a 2-way speaker system. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be using an 11mm woofer to pump the bass alongside a 6.5mm tweeter for near distortion-free high-frequency sounds and crisper treble notes. The Galaxy Buds Pro come with 3 microphones and Voice Pick-Up Unit for noise cancellation and ambient noise filtration. The Galaxy Buds Pro will provide 8 hours of playback and additional 20 hours of power in the wireless charging case. While using the TWS with ANC the playback time drops to 5 hours and another 13 hours of battery back up in the case.
    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
    Galaxy Buds Pro will sit above all other TWS earphones from Samsung
    • Software: Samsung has put in a lot of effort into sorting out Galaxy Buds Pro’s software features to make use of the capable hardware design. As anticipated earlier in our previous article, the Buds Pro will feature Active Noise Cancellation, 360-degree surround sound with Dolby Head Tracking and ambient sound boosting by up to 20 decibels.

    One More Thing: Galaxy SmartTags

    Samsung has launched a new product called SmartTags. These are essentially small low-powered devices that are connected through Samsung’s SmartThings Find platform and help in locating items that aren’t in any way connected to the internet.

    Samsung SmartTags
    Samsung SmartTags can be used to located offline devices easily.

    You can now tag important items that are easy to lose track of like your wallets, keys, etc using Samsung SmartTags that would make it ring making it possible to find. It works up to 120m and uses low Bluetooth low energy to communicate.

    The Galaxy Buds pro will be priced at $199 and will go on sale from January 15th.

    The Samsung SmartTags will be priced at $29.99 and will be available from January 29th.

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