A Samsung Galaxy Book running Windows has been disclosed through a Russian Inspection Bureau EEC certificate. But why do we care? Because the Galaxy Book 2018 may have the Snapdragon 850 SoC this year!

Qualcomm recently teased a Windows 10 device by Samsung running on their new chip. Both tech giants announced that a collaboration was in the works a few weeks ago. If the Galaxy Book 2018 does come out with a Snapdragon 850 it may be a game changer for Windows 10 tablets.¬†Samsung Galaxy BookThis platform would offer improved performance, better connectivity and long er battery life. This would also feature integrated LTE and an instant-on resume without hibernation. The Always Connected PC from Samsung would be the South Korean giant’s first and it would be an interesting device to look at.Always Connected PC

Samsung could also go with a traditional Intel CPU with a Qualcomm modem for connectivity. That could also have been the collaboration the two companies were talking about. If this is the route Samsung plans to go, then we have yet another Windows 10 tablet on our hands, which frankly, is getting just too boring and slow for a tablet.



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