Samsung Blu-Ray Players Endlessly Rebooting; Reasons Unclear

    samsung blu-ray player

    Samsung Blu-ray players were reported to malfunction just about suddenly, so if you are facing this trouble then you are definitely not alone. Many reports suggested that the devices have just stopped working and is stuck in a never-ending reboot. Some users have said that when they switch the players there is a strange buzzing noise. 

    Owners of Samsung Blu-ray players and those having home theatre systems have complained about the same issues. These complaints started pouring in almost two days ago. The most common issue, according to the complaints, was the constant switching on and off of the Blu-ray speakers. 

    “It will turn on to the black screen with the Samsung logo and after 3-4 seconds it will restart and go back to the black screen with the Samsung logo. This issue has completely grounded my home theatre system,” as mentioned by one owner. 

    Samsung Blu-ray devices have also become unresponsive to commands and no amount of troubleshooting by pressing buttons are helping, the problems aren’t just restricted to a particular model.

    Others have also complained that the sound made by the speaker is similar to it reading a disc, even though many models come without a disc reader, to begin with. Issues have been said to occur with a variety of models, including BD-JM57C and BD-J5900, the HT-J5500W, and more.

    Owners that have reached out on the Samsung’s community support message board, some users suggested that these problems arrived with the firmware update, but ZDNet has said that it is not the real issue and pointed towards the issue to be an expired SSL certificate that the Samsung Blu-ray players need to use to connect with Samsung’s servers.  Samsung customer service representatives have replied saying that the company is looking into the issue.

    According to the complaints and the suggested methods of troubleshooting posted online, restarting of the Blu-ray players is also not solving this particular problem and if one is trying to perform a hard reset even then it is not helping. Starting up the device fully from the scratch usually should work but this time it isn’t working either. 

    Currently, there is no quick fix for the problem but Samsung has assured users that it is working hard to find an immediate fix for this weird predicament. Due to the pandemic, as people need to stay indoors, this is a bad time for a Blu-ray speaker to collapse. People have been using a backlog of Blu-rays speaker to get through the quarantine period. Let us know in the comment section if you have faced this particular issue!

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