Error-prone AGESA Ryzen 3000 Microcode Reportedly Withdrawn


    A microcode update that was meant to help 3rd gen Ryzen owners run Destiny 2–which had a very specific issue of not working on the Ryzen 3000 platform–has now reportedly been withdrawn. According to sources at Asus and Gigabyte, AMD ordered vendors to withdraw the microcode update.

    Why does AMD want to roll back the microcode update? Peter Tan, an Asus employee and overclocker posted on the Asus forums here about why: Evidently, PCIE speeds for BXB-C were downgraded from Gen. 4 to Gen. 2, resulting in system instability.

    AMD’s strategic decision to support multiple generations of Ryzen processors on most AM4 boards has put motherboard manufacturers in a bit of a pickle: Ryzen 3000 parts just arrived last week. While X570 is the platform of choice, many users have older B350 or B450 boards and are perfectly happy with running the newer processors on these boards. Microcode updates are needed to ensure compatibility but the tight release timeframes and greater number of supported SKUs put manufacturers in what Tan described as a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation: They can either annoy customers by delaying the release of microcode updates or push the updates without much testing, resulting in potentially buggy releases.

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