Resident Evil Village Download Size Leaked To Be Under 30 GB For PlayStation 5

    Resident Evil Village

    Resident Evil Village might just have been the “hottest” sequel that a Resident Evil fan could ever wish for. Being the 8th title in the series, the series returns to its roots harder than ever before. Add the fact that we have one of the most popular antagonists a Resident Evil game could ever wish for (especially for the rule 34 subreddits) – Lady Dimitrescu – adding to the overall value a person can get out of a possible preorder.

    The worst thing a person can expect on launch day is an astronomical download size, which totally ruins the launch expectations from the players. Sadly, this might just be the case with a game as vast as Resident Evil Village. According to an official leak, the game has a launch size of 27.325 GB. The preload for the game is scheduled to launch on March 5, with the actual launch taking place on March 7. One thing to note is that this download does not include the day one patch, which is scheduled to release on March 7. The size of the day one patch is yet to be ascertained.

    Note that this is only for the PlayStation version of the game. Xbox users might have to wait till March 5 to figure out the exact download size for the game. The large size can largely be attributed to the semi-open world nature of the game. Even then, there’s a chance that the install size is much larger than the actual download since the game is evidently launching only on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X (in other words, for next-gen consoles only).

    The daunting size might not be enough to deter eager fans from witnessing the adventures of Ethan in Dimitrescu Manor as the game’s focus shifts to something “more surreal”. This is one game that eager fans can’t afford to miss.

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