Resident Evil 8 Rumor – Called RE Village, Chris Redfield Returns, 2021 Release Date, and More

    Resident Evil Village (RE 8)
    Resident Evil Village (RE 8)

    Hot off the heels of Resident Evil 3 Remake, a new rumor has popped up about Capcom’s plans for Resident Evil VIII. The leak, coming from Biohazardcast, claims the game will be called Resident Evil Village (get it?). The game’s being planned to release in the first quarter of next year and will include Chris Redfield as the primary protagonist.

    But that’s not it! The rumor claims a lot more about gameplay elements as well. Seeing as how this year’s remake went back to the franchise’s roots, it looks like Resident Evil 8 will also take go the survival-horror route.

    Resident Evil Village
    Resident Evil Village

    Let’s start off with the name then. As it implies, the game will once again be set in some section away from any urban society. It feels like Capcom is going to extend Resident Evil VII’s isolated feeling with this one, albeit with a twist – the game will ditch RE7’s first-person mode and go back to third-person.

    Series veteran protagonist Chris Redfield will once again return, but only in a slightly bigger capacity than he was in RE7. It seems like Redfield will have more to do with Ethan (RE 7’s protagonist), Mia and their baby, who was teased to have a lot of connections to the larger lore of these new games. Ethan will also return as a main playable character, and it seems like the game will switch perspectives from Ethan to Chris at certain times.

    Resident Evil 7 (VII) Family
    Resident Evil VII

    New information about the game’s enemies has also been revealed. Apparently, throughout the game, Ethan and Chris will be haunted by a Witch not too dissimilar from Marguerite in RE7. Resident Evil 8 will also include an RE4 style inventory, and be more action-oriented than Resident Evil 7.

    We’ll keep you updated when Capcom officially reveals Resident Evil VIII.

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