Ever delete an important document or photograph while clearing up your drive space? Or did someone else do it, just to piss you off? Happens to the best of us, but don’t worry, we’ve got a fix for recovering your precious data (your precious, eh?) from the depths of Mount Doom. Today, we are reviewing EaseUS’s Recovery Wizard Pro software that allows you to recover permanently deleted files from your HDD, sometimes even weeks after you do it. Before you begin, please note that there is no guarantee that your files will be fully recovered. The probability depends directly on the file type and the time after since deletion, and your hard-drive health also plays a role in it. Drives that are newer with comparatively less overwrites are more likely to be successful in the attempt than older, worn-out ones.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files

If you want to test out the software before you splurge, you can download the trial version from here. The free version has all the features of the pro version, only you can’t recover more than 500MB of data with it. We tested the Pro version, so there were no constraints. It’s quite straightforward, to be honest.

First, fire up the Recovery Tool, and select the location where your files were before you “accidentally” deleted them. Give it a minute, it’ll search all the drive sectors and come up with a list of data that was stored in that address in the last 6-12 months. Then search for your file, and after selecting it, choose a location where it’ll be saved after the recovery attempt.

Keep in mind, it’s recommended to choose a different drive as the destination for best results. Furthermore, files older than a month are unlikely to be fully recovered. During our testing, we found that one month is the standard duration after which files can be fully recovered. It also depends on your daily usage and for how much of that time the HDD is busy. Also, recovering data from an HDD is easier compared to an SSD.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files

We recovered two large files (videos) that were deleted from our 4TB WD Black HDD approximately a month back. We actually didn’t expect the files obtained to work, but they played just fine. The chances of successful recovery also depend on the file type. Files with a CRC check will be harder to get back, while the rest should be an easier affair.

We tested the EaseUS Data Recovery tool several times and were pleasantly surprised with its performance. Files that were deleted just a few days back were almost always fully recovered. Sometimes, data as old as a month was also salvageable. However, after that, it gets harder to get anything useful. In case, you are not good with computers and tend to lose data quite often for one reason or another, you ought to check this tool out. There are many free programs available that do the same, but they are much less likely to be successful in the recovery of older files. You can check out the Data Recovery client here.

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