The Complete Guide To Rebranding Videos Using Intros And Outros

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    YouTube channels create videos and upload them for millions of viewers to browse. If you are one of the content creators on YouTube, then you’ve probably wondered about how to stay ahead of the competition. After a while, you might think your videos are getting boring or too similar or lost in the mix. When you are feeling stuck, it might be a good time to take a step back and think of how to revamp your brand. Creating a fresh approach to your videos’ intros and outros can make all the difference in the world. All you need is a YouTube video editor to work wonders. Intros and outros reinforce your brand identity while having an impact on viewers.

    What are intros and outros?

    A YouTube channel video has three main parts. The first thing the viewer sees is the intro. The introduction precedes the actual intended content of the video. The video ends with an outro. An intro is where you need to hook the viewers so that they see the video through. An outro is where you make the viewer take a series of actions like hitting subscribe or like. Intros and outros have a few things in common – they need to be short, concise and stick to the brand value.

    Why do you need intros and outros?

    When you dive right into the video, the viewers don’t have time to adjust and prepare themselves. The intro acts as a buffer period that sets the tone for the rest of the video. It also makes your channel seem professional and seasoned. Outros are like conclusions. They can turn viewers into subscribers. They also allow you to put out your social media links and Call-to-Action pop-ups create ease of transition to the next videos. Intros and outros act as tools for establishing brand recall.

    Ways to revamp your videos

    Once you have decided you need a video re-haul, you need to figure out how to do it. Discard all the unwanted and distracting elements of your previous videos and start from scratch. Similar features need to be present in all intros and outros that you design. Colors, fonts, logos, color palettes – similarity is the key to make them memorable. Pick out the main elements you want to project in the segments and redesign them. Read on to see the top four ways to rebrand your videos and increase viewership.

    1. Identifying the brand logo and colors

    The driving purpose of intros and outros is to put your brand out there. Familiarity makes it a reflex action for viewers to watch the full video when they come across the intro. Using the logo, font, color, and aesthetic of the brand is paramount to reinforce your digital presence. What sets your channel apart from your competitors is the unique mix of colors and fonts you use for all your videos. Make sure your approach is not overpowering – make it appealing and subtle.

    2. Creating a visual palette

    Intros and outros often contain images and clips that resonate with the brand value. Ensure that they are of the same style. Aesthetics and color palettes make a huge difference when designing this aspect of the video. Match stock footage to the original content in terms of colors, lighting, and even overall styling. The video itself will stand out when the start and end follow a similar language. You should select photos and videos that will not draw attention from the main video, but rather make viewers act on their intent.

    3. Using templates

    The easiest and smartest way to rebrand your video intros and outros is by using preset templates. There are many free websites with templates and stock footage you can use. By modifying the templates slightly, you can stick to the brand value and message. Pages like RenderForest and Biteable are reliable video makers. Online templates ensure uniformity and produce high-quality content. Using a website requires little software experience on your part. Based on your subscription, you can avail a wide range of tools.

    4. Watermarking the video

    An instant solution to come across as professional and reliable is adding a watermark to the video. Besides safeguarding your video from unwarranted shares, watermarks subtly reinforce brand recall. There are right and wrong ways to watermark your video. Ensure that the logo is not prominent and distracting. Make sure no content overlaps with the watermark. Size the watermark to ensure legibility while being unobtrusive. Seeing the watermark in all your videos from start to end makes the viewers relate the content with the brand. With this simple addition, your videos will have a fresh facelift and classy touch.


    Now you have an idea of how to redesign your intros and approach. Offer a fresh take on the style you want and have fun with the design. Keep the intro and outro simple, minimal, clutter-free, and bold. Ensure that the key aspects stand out – the brand name and CTAs. Follow the same style and language and see how viewers react to the new version of your videos.

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