With the vast number of online gaming distribution services up in the air (or rather, the cloud), you’d think that adding another one to the list would be cumbersome. But alas, the PCMR community begs to differ. Razer, the gaming hardware manufacturer, just launched their own gaming service today, aptly called the Razer Game Store.

So what’s the catch with this new store, you ask? Well as it turns out, not much.Razer Rewards

Rather than like a publisher’s service (e.g Uplay), Razer Game Store looks to be following in the footsteps of third-party vendors such as the Humble-Bundle or G2A. As in, the store looks to be selling to genuine keys which can be redeemed on either Steam or Uplay. Razer also looks to be selling the idea of their own digital currency, similar to the Uplay system. You can use Razer’s zSilver currency to avail new discounts as well as buy products themselves.

At the moment, the store is offering new users 2000 zSilvers. They also have another points system, known as the zGold coins which can be used for purchases and in turn those purchases will reward you with more zSilver. Here is a chart that roughly gives an estimate of how much of the currency you can redeem through purchases:Razer Rewards

This whole move seems to cement the company as having a larger community presence. Previously the company was known for manufacturing gaming related hardware. So much so, that last year they even debuted their own smartphone designed for gaming and pretty much got critical praise from reviewers. Hell, it even convinced one of our own editors of getting it as their daily driver!

As an inaugural offer, Razer is offering up to 75% off on Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Far Cry 5, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, etc. The store is also offering steep discounts on other best-selling items. Examples include Batman: Arkham Knight at a staggering $ 5.80! You can also purchase the company’s hardware such as the Razer Firefly RGB mousepad (for 110,000 zSilver) or the BlackWidow Chroma keyboard (for 296,000 zSilver).

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