After giving Rainbow Six Siege its large Chimera update, Ubisoft mentioned today’s update would be relatively smaller. However, the download size of 1.2GB left the community curious and as expected, they dug deep into the game files to see what really took all that space. Turns out it contained assets for the Italian operators.

The patch was released on 21st March for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Patch notes mentioned bug fixed and other minor repairs yet the download size was 1.2GB on steam. The reason for this was the deployment of assets for the two upcoming Italian operators. Reddit was quick to leak a video of them and Ubisoft was even quicker to remove that video, giving further confirmation of its legitimacy.

The first leaked operator is Alibi and just as her name suggests she will have an ”alibi” claiming she was somewhere else. Her abilities were leaked earlier, also on reddit.

Maestro is the second G.I.S. operator that was leaked and his special ability will be to challenge Blackbeard over whose beard is better.

User Artex3 who uncovered all these details claims that this second operator will have a bulletproof camera which pretty much makes him a defender since attackers would have no use of such a device. Based on his appearance, one might guess that he is a 3 armor 1 speed operator.

Now of course all leaks are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but these are almost guaranteed to be true. Unless Ubisoft changes their mind to prove that leaks aren’t very reliable, that is.


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