New Rainbow Six Renamed To Rainbow Six Extraction

    Rainbow Six Extraction
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    After first being announced as Rainbow Six- Quarantine, the new Ubisoft game has been renamed Rainbow Six Extraction. The announcement comes mere days before the Ubisoft Forward showcase set for E3 2021. The game was previously delayed along with Far Cry 6 due to development being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In the new Dev, Team Title reveal, producer Antoine Vimal du Monteil revealed the new title. Antoine also said that the game has grown “a lot” from when it was previously announced and that the game builds upon the foundations set by the previous game in the franchise, the extremely successful Rainbow Six- Siege.

    Where the game differs from the aforementioned Siege, is that Extraction is said to be a PvE experience. with multiple players uniting against a single parasitic creature.

    Ubisoft also released a teaser for Extraction, which sees the game’s main antagonist, the forever evolving Alien parasite taking over the Rainbow Six command centre.

    More about Rainbow Six- Extraction to be revealed at Ubisoft forward

    Ubisoft also put special emphasis on their Ubisoft Forward event, to be held on the 12th of June, at 12 PM EDT, as part of the E3 event.

    Ubisoft Adds Indian Operator to Rainbow Six Siege
    Ubisoft Adds Indian Operator to Rainbow Six Siege

    The gameplay as well as story along with other details are expected to be revealed on that day, along with information about various other Ubisoft properties.

    The game was also internally renamed to Rainbow Six- Parasite for a while, and it can be speculated that the game’s multiple name changes are due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which left the first title, Quarantine, to age rather poorly.

    The COVID-19 epidemic also had an effect on the original release date of the game, as it was first slated to release in the first quarter of 2020, as announced at E3 2019.

    Ubisoft is also expected to announce more content and new games from various other Ubisoft properties, such as For Honor, Watch Dogs: Legion, Brawlhalla, The Crew 2, Trackmania and more.

    E3 2021 is scheduled as a virtual online-only event with free access to all, from June 12-15. You can check out the entire schedule adjusted for India here.

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