Qualcomm is Working on an Android-Powered Nintendo Switch Like Gaming Console

    Source: XDA Developers

    Qualcomm is quite a big name in the silicon industry, and it’s inside almost all android smartphones, including some PCs. According to a recent report from Android Police, Qualcomm is planning to foray into the gaming industry, too, with a gaming console, more likely a Nintendo Switch clone.

    There were no images published, but Android Police’s David Ruddock looked at some console images. According to him, it has shared an uncanny resemblance with the Nintendo Switch.
    Qualcomm’s console features joy-con like controllers on both ends of the console. The controllers are detachable, just like the Switch. The chipmaker has collaborated with a premium supplier to design and manufacture the controllers. Still, there’s no word on who that supplier could be.

    The core console is said something like a smartphone on steroids. The reason could be the addition of the thermal cavity to ensure smoother performance and more efficiency than a regular smartphone. Further, the console is said to have a 6000mAh battery supporting Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology.

    Qualcomm Asus

    According to XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, the console will feature a 6.55-inch Full HD+ display. However, there are no cameras present in this alleged console. Just like the Switch, this Android-powered console will come with video-out capabilities, but we don’t know whether it will use a USB C port or a mini HDMI port for the same. It comes with the usual sensors we get with smartphones, including GPS, accelerometer, and dual-zone haptics. It will come with support for different connectivity options, including Bluetooth, WiFi and 5G (yes, it has 5G, and according to Android Police’s report, it incorporates an X55 modem.)

    Qualcomm’s Nintendo Switch Rival Runs on Android

    The device is said to come with a customised launcher on the top of Android 12, probably with pre-installed Epic Store, which seems highly unlikely since Android has earlier pursued OnePlus to remove Epic Store from its phones.

    The console is expected to debut commercially in the first half of 2022, suggesting that it could come with the next generation of Snapdragon SoC. Although, Mishaal Rahman thinks the opposite, and according to him, it would serve as a reference device for gaming phones. Still, if it goes on sale, it is believed to retail around $300, sold directly by Qualcomm and carriers in the USA.

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