Puma Self Lacing Fitness Intelligence Shoes


    Fitness Junkies, gear up! Puma is here with its latest line of Fitness Intelligence footwear. The company is making huge efforts to advertise and sell these new self-lacing sneakers to the public.

    “We have created a product that speaks to the future of sport which is life in motion. It’s fast and changing all the time” said Charles Johnson, Puma’s Global Director of Innovation.

    There is a lot more to the product than just the self-lacing technology. Puma has gone a step further to provide the wearers with a “performance fit.” Currently implemented in a beta stage, the shoes come with a micro-motor that powers a “uniquely configured cable system” to lace up the shoes. It also comes with smart sensing capability enabling it to learn the shape of the foot of each user for a better fit.

    Puma Fi Box

    To increase convenience, the shoes allow any fitting adjustments to be made on the run, using an Apple Watch.

    “The technology was built to train smart and is designed for modern mobility. It can handle the urban landscape and the gym making it right for the daily routine of a connected generation” Puma says.

    Puma Fi

    These shoes have been designed to resemble sneakers as closely as possible, with an added breathable upper section and an “industrial grade” fiber support system.

    The first footwear to feature Puma’s Fi technology will be available in 2020 for $330 which is $20 cheaper than Nike’s latest HyperAdapt sneakers.

    Overall, these shoes might be a good investment for ardent runners. However, for a large majority of people, a good fitting pair of normal sneakers might also do the trick.

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