PUBGM Lite VS Free Fire – Battle Royale Comparison On Android

    pubgm lite vs free fire
    pubgm lite vs free fire

    Gamers, nowadays have got so many options. There are different genre games available over every platform starting from PC to Android. In our previous articles, we have compared some Online Combat games which were accessible with a minimum requirement of 3GB RAM. But in this article, we shall compare the two games, i.e. PUBG Mobile Lite and Garena Free Fire, which are available on Android Devices with 1GB RAM.

    pubgm lite vs free fire

    Grounds on which the two games will be compared-

    • Gameplay
    • Graphics and Visualization
    • In-Game sounds
    • Maps
    • Weapons
    • Vehicles
    • Modes
    • Minimum Requirements
    • Game Performance
    • Demerits of the Games
    • Conclusion

    1. Gameplay


    If we talk about the gameplay of both the games, then there’s not much difference. However, there are some minor differences between the two games.

    Firstly, the number of players in the lobby. For Free Fire maximum number of players in a lobby is 52, whereas the maximum number of players in a PUBGM Lite lobby is 60.

    Secondly, the average time for completion of a match. The average time for completion of a Free Fire game is 18 minutes and the average time for PUBGM Lite is 10 minutes.

    2. Graphics And Visualization


    The gameplay of both the games is quite similar but the thing which differentiates the two games is the visual representation of the gameplay. The graphic of Free Fire seems a bit on the animated side, whereas the graphic of PUBGM Lite adds up a realistic touch to the gameplay.

    3. In-Game Sounds

    Just like the graphics, the in-game sounds differ in the same manner. However, if we talk about the gunshot sounds and the footsteps sound, then PUBM Lite leads the battle. And if we take the main screen or the post-match presentation sound effects, then Free Fire single-handedly wins the battle.

    4. Maps

    map comparison

    Now, if we talk about the number of maps available in both the games, then Free Fire surely wins the race as Free Fire has 3 different maps i.e. Bermuda, Purgatory, and the newly released Kalahari map. On the other PUBGM Lite has 2 maps i.e. Varenga and Golden Woods.

    5. Weapons

    weapon comparison

    Weapon list in both games is nearly the same. However, there is a difference in the damage percentage. Often you will see Free Fire players giving priority to shotguns. But if we talk about the PUBGM Lite, the shotgun is not given that level of priority. Another difference between the weapons of both games is the availability of skins. There are various eye-attracting skins available over Free Fire and honestly PUBGM Lite certainly lacks at this very thing.

    5. Vehicles


    There’s no doubt that PUBGM Lite has got numerous vehicles starting from UAZ to Buggy. But, if we talk about the variety then Free Fire overshadows PUBGM Lite. Apart from the normal vehicles, Free Fire has a 3 wheeler auto, a monster truck, and a sports car. So, there’s no doubt that Free Fire surely brings a variety when it comes to vehicles.

    6. Game Modes

    When we talk about the modes apart from the Classic Modes then Free Free has 3 Modes available i.e. Ranked Mode, Rush hour Mode, and a Custom Game mode. Simultaneously, if we look at the modes in PUBGM Lite while excluding the Classic Mode, then the number of modes sums up to be 4 i.e. TDM, Arena, Custom, and the Payload mode, which came up with the new update.

    7. Minimum Requirements

    Minimum Requirements for Free Fire-

    • Operating System- Android 4.0.3
    • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
    • Processor- Mediatek MT6737M quad-core
    • GPU-Mali 400
    • Download Size-534 MB

    Minimum Requirements for PUBGM Lite-

    • Operating System- Android 4.1
    • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
    • Processor- Qualcomm Processor
    • GPU-Snapdragon 425
    • Download Size-567 MB

    8. Game Performance


    Low-end devices do meet the minimum requirements for the games. However, they are certainly not recommended requirements. When tried over a high-end device, both of the games provide amazing gameplay. Although, the gameplay of Free Fire seemed a bit dull when PUBGM Lite’s graphics were set to the maximum extent.

    In Free Fire, if the internet connection speed drops down, then the ping drops down to 999+ after which the player has to wait for the reconnecting option. Although, players might face ping fluctuation when they are accessing it with a low-end device especially after a new patch update.

    9. Demerits of the Games

    Demerits in Free Fire-

    • Movement sound is absent, when a player is in the crouch position.
    • Aim Assist is high.
    • Additional features are given to the gamers who use in-game purchase options.
    • Players can be spotted easily because of the ADS .

    Demerits in PUBGM Lite-

    • Aim Assist is very high.
    • Phone heats up.
    • Damage of guns seems pretty less.
    • Using throwables is a big deal.

    9. Conclusion

    Summing up all the features and deducting all the bugs, we can conclude that both of the games are equally good. Although, Free Fire has already got a wide audience and PUBGM Lite is also growing rapidly. Thus, for someone who wants a realistic type of battle, then the answer is PUBGM Lite. And if someone aims for an animated battle, then the answer is Free Fire.

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