With the release of the mobile version, PUBG’s popularity has been greatly on the rise. Tencent, the developers of PUBG Mobile, have recently released an emulator that lets you play the mobile game on PC via their client ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’. Now you might be wondering that since its PUBG Mobile the graphics would be garbage, but that’s far from the truth. The game is optimised to run all the way from Intel HD graphics to a GTX 1060. And quite frankly, its only slightly worse than PUBG at low settings (which isn’t even playable on anything below a GTX 1050), and much better than what you get on the Xbox. The overall experience is very comparable to the actual PC version of the game, with the added benefits of item auto-pickup and arcade modes. The controls function just the way you’d expect a native Windows game to. Default key bindings are listed alongside the gameplay window, and there are also on-screen buttons as in the Android version which you can click on in case you forget what certain keys do. Tencent is probably trying to address the recent controversy of players using emulators to take undue advantage with this move and the official emulator which promises a high quality experience and will also come as a relief for the smartphone players. Also to keep things fair, Tencent plans to match emulator users with other emulator users and not mobile ones.

If you’re interested, here’s the download link. Give it a shot yourself and let us know how your experience was.


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