COD Mobile Maker Activision Part Ways With Tencent — Has Nothing to do with PUBG Ban in India


    A note to all the readers: Activision parting ways with Tencent and TiMi studios has nothing to do with PUBG ban in India, rather it was due to Trump’s order and similarities building up between the two games. Update related to this went live in August whereas PUBG Mobile was banned in India only a few days ago. COD Mobile is now fully owned by Activision.

    PUBG BAN: Activision Part Ways with Tencent

    PUBG BAN: Old Loading screen of COD Mobile before Season 9 upadte

    COD Mobile, just like PUBG, is updated monthly. With the arrival of Season 9 last month, Tencent announced some major changes to the game. Amongst all this, a small update was also noticed by the players. The loading screen, which earlier credited Tencent and TiMi for the game, now states Activision.

    A spokesperson of COD Mobile later confirmed it GamingOnPhone that it indeed was an intentional move, and Activision had parted ways with Chinese conglomerate Tencent and their subsidiary TiMi studios. The game is now fully owned by Activision. Activision cited two reasons for this separation.

    Trump’s Order against Tencent

    Donald Trump recently signed an order that restricts companies operating in the United States conducting any transactions with Chinese companies, as well as with their subsidiaries. Activision, which is headquartered in the States, could foresee the situation building up and pulled out of COD Mobile. The company, in order to save itself from embarrassment and PR ‘boo-ing’, decided to part ways with Tencent. Now that COD Mobile is also under Tencent’s reign, this game could also be banned in the near future.

    Tencent’s PUBG Mobile borrowing features from COD Mobile

    PUBG Ban: People might shift to COD Mobile for the time being

    Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has been mercilessly copying features and game modes from its counterpart — COD Mobile. Features such as Gun game mode, aerial platform, locations, etc. have been copied ruthlessly.

    With the season 9 update, COD Mobile went through major revamp making it nearly as good as COD Warzone. This move is being seen as a move to maintain its ‘uniqueness’.

    These are the two reasons Activision parted ways with Tencent and TiMi Studios. Global politics has now taken a different turn, and is determined by availability of digital services in region. Donald Trump is more or less asking US companies to buy stakes in the US operations of TikTok. A similar approach is being taken by the Indian government, wherein they are banning Chinese apps every month. The toll of banned apps now stands over 200.

    118 China Apps Banned in India

    The tension between the Chinese government and the Indian government are at an all-time high. In yet another shocking move, the central government announced an app ban on 118 apps including PUBG Mobile. Although this was rumoured last month, PUBG ban still came as a shock to a lot of people. PUBG Mobile, for some people, was quite what you can say a lifeline during this lockdown period. Here’s a list of all the apps that have been banned.

    Though the apps like PUBG Mobile have been taken down, although you can still download the APK File from the official website and play the game.

    PUBG Ban: COD Mobile To Take Advantage, Akshay Kumar Announces FAUG

    PUBG Ban
    PUBG Ban came as a shock to everyone

    With students already in burden, due to the centre conducting JEE and NEET exams while Covid-19 penetrates this country, the situation is getting pretty intense. There have been backlashes on social media, since the announcement.

    COD Mobile comes out as rather an interesting option for the players. Tell us in the comment section which game have you switched to? Or are you still waiting for FAU-G to come out?

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    1. I lost my barincells reading this article. Everything you stated is the exact opposite. Tencent and timi logo was removed from the game and its just activision logo now. COdm is controlled by Activisionand its a western game. Get your facts straight instead of spreading false information. Remove this dumb article and go read again what actually happened.

    2. Thanks for pointing out the error, guys. I guess we could deliver the message what we intended to. We have added a line that states ‘The game is now fully owned by Activision’ to spread the correct message. Much Appreciated.✌️

    3. I am already a cod mobile player and I would not really recommend players of pubg (now banned) to download cod mobile as it is a very interesting game and far more good from pubg

      And I don’t think that it will ever get banned.

    4. COD Franchise has a long history, and it’s developed and owned by Activision. TiMi was only hired to develop the mobile version. Have you researched about it properly? TiMi was removed because of their parent company Tencent was copying the concept and features of Activision to their own game PUBG.

      Though you have made correction, why are so favoured about Tencent, like you are mentioning “Tencent announced some changes..”, Tencent never announced anything about changes of COD Mobile. It’s not Tencent’s other offering too.

    5. Will i be able to play CoD mobile on third party emulators….
      i have been banned from cod for using thord party emulator.
      I have a low end pc i have to install a android os in order to play the game smoothly and it ran very well but after playing a match i was banned.
      can i play CoD on prime os now ??

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