Psychological Horror Game, Anthology of Fear, Revealed for Switch & PC

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    Publisher Ultimate Games S.A and developer RG Crew have announced Anthology of Fear, a first-person psychological horror game that will feature three distinct stories from different time periods with each tale having its own unique gameplay elements. The title will contain a multidimensional view of fear and unconventional solutions plus diverse gameplay.

    Check out the trailer below:

    Here’s an overview of the title, via its Steam page:

    About This Game

    The world that surrounds us is not always obvious. Sometimes the weirdest, unpredictable and unreal events have logical and very mundane explanations. Anthology of Fear is three unique stories of such events taking place in different epochs and realities.

    Take on the role of three heroes, control their actions and experience the horror of the early 20th century in the remote areas of Russia, contemporary drama taking place in an ordinary house, and unreal events between shreds of reality.

    Each episode has unique gameplay with a set of different features. From the mere expulsion of the world, through hunting, to the struggle for one’s own existence:

    • Three unique stories – each of them is different locations and different from each previous style of the game.
    • Gameplay deriving solutions from the classics of the genredo not expect simple and boring jumpscare. The mood of the game is built here by the atmosphere.
    • Psychologic horrornothing that surrounds you must be obvious. Get deeper into the symbolism of the threads of history and get to know what really happened.
    • Exploration motivated by a storythe story will force you to explore each of the worlds of the game. Get to know all the stories and the laws that govern them.
    Anthology of Fear

    Regarding the structure of the game, Hubert Zatorski, director and chief designer of Anthology of Fear, had this to say:

    “Each of the three stories is different – of course there are also different characters, time periods, and so on. The player thus receives three smaller games in one. Each of them will provide different experiences. Our game will be diverse and ambiguous. It won’t be any problem for fans of the series Silent Hill and Outlast to find themselves in Anthology of Fear. The same goes for titles in the style of Layers of Fear, Alan Wake or even Hunt: Showdown

    Anthology of Fear

    The chief programmer on the game, Piotr Rycabel, also explained that the team took a broad perspective for Anthology of Fear that they translated into the gameplay itself in order to create three different episodes in that respect.

    Anthology of Fear is set tot release in the first quarter of 2020 for PC and in the following months for the Nintendo Switch.

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