PS5 UI First Look Video Showcases Activity Cards, Instant Loading, Sharing Gameplay Footage and More

    PS5 UI First Look

    With the launch of PlayStation 5 just under a month away, the PS5 UI is something we all have been asking for. Well, it looks like Sony has finally heard our call and has shared the first look at the PlayStation 5 user experience.

    The new PS5 UI is centered around getting players into the games and activities they want as fast as possible. Compared to the current PS4 UI, it’s a completely revamped experience.

    For starters, the PlayStation store has now been integrated directly into the home screen. That should make accessing and buying in-game content much easier, as the PSN store experience on PS4 can be a little choppy sometimes. This lines up with the new changes that Sony is making to the PSN store on mobile, web and now the console itself.

    PS5 UI First Look
    PlayStation Store is directly integrated into PS5’s Menu

    Next up is a new control centre which will house ‘Activities’, which are cards showing various information from games while playing them. This approach won’t be new to any modern smartphone users (which is all of us), and we’ve been accustomed to using a card-based UI for quite some time on various other devices.

    • PS5 UI Control Centre
    • PS5 Home Explore

    The friends and party system also sees a nice overhaul which keeps the basics with a new coat of 4K paint on it. There are new features like showing tips for i-game objectives, which should come in handy for games like Demon’s Souls. There’s a specific focus on bringing the PlayStation community together as publishers/developers can deliver information to players directly on the console.

    You can read more about the PS5 UI directly from Sony thanks to the good folks over at Digital Foundry.

    We’ve now seen both the hardware and the software in action. While there are still some features missing that need to be addressed, the PS5 launch is now looking more sturdy.

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