Why Pokemon Unite Is Upsetting Pokemon Fans Around The World

Pokemon Unite, announced last year, managed to create a lot of buzz in the mobile gaming industry. Coming from the alliance of Tencent and Nintendo, the game was expected to be on another level. However, after the first look came out, gamers were highly upset. It was just the opposite of what everyone was expecting.

After the outreach of Pokemon Go, everyone was eagerly waiting for the game, but now it seems that Tencent and Nintendo had some other plans. Instead of providing a unique game, the two biggies came up together with the same old concept of Player vs Player battles. Unlike Pokemon Go, this time no one has to find up new Pokemon, as a default Pokemon will be provided. Players will team up and then they land over an island and fight a 5v5 multiplayer battle.

So in this article we shall be covering up the details about the Pokemon Unite game.

1. Gameplay

Island of Pokemon Unite

The gameplay seems very normal. In the island, where Pokemon lands, there will be 5 goals or scoring areas in both of the sides. Players will have to capture wild Pokemon. And in order to get points, they need to score points in the opponent’s scoring area. Every Pokemon starts with level 1 but gradually they develop as the game progresses. After the completion of the time limit, the team having more points will be declared as the winner.


Every Pokemon provides different characteristics and as their level progresses there are various features that are unlocked. And if they evolve, they unlock various new moves as well.

And once the Pokemon reaches to the max level the Pokemon comes up with a Unite attack which allows the Pokemon to battle against multiple Pokemon at a moment.

2. Pokemon Unite’s Graphics

visuals A
Visuals of Pokemon Unite

The graphics of Pokemon Unite is also one of the reasons why Pokemon lovers are disappointed. The game provides visuals that are more reminiscent of something from the previous decade. And moreover, Tencent has somehow set a benchmark in the field of graphics after the company provided PUBG Mobile. However, it looks like this time the company failed. The audience isn’t pleased enough with the level of graphics the game is providing.

3. In-Game Sound Effects

Another negative point of the game is the sound effects. Instead of providing some intense in-game sound effects, the game comes up with background music that degrades the intense battles. Sound effects nowadays play a vital role in deciding the future of a game and the game has to come up with an all-new makeover in order to attract gamers of this generation.

4. Pokemon Unite Controls

Pokemon Unite with Nintendo Switch

The only attractive feature of the game is the Nintendo Switch controls. The control layout of Pokemon Unite is set up in a way that it demands a Nintendo Switch. But honestly, the above negative features might overshadow the positive side of the game.

5. Audience Response

One of the major factors of building up a game is keeping in mind that how will the audience react towards the game. If the audience simply rejects the game, then the game surely faces a downfall. And by the looks of it, maybe the developers have skipped that factor. Audiences are upset and now many are comparing this heartbreak to the one which Diablo series fans felt when they heard about Diablo Immortal.

So, we clearly see that this game could have done wonders if we were a decade back. Now it seems too late, for the release of a game with such a weak idea. Pokemon fans are highly disappointed. Therefore, the developers will have to look for something really attractive in order to gain the audience’s trust back. This might even prompt people to go back to the 2016’s Pokemon Go.

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