In 2016, Niantic launched a game that would change the way the world saw Nintendo’s biggest franchise. This, of course, was Pokemon Go, and since its launch, the game has only gotten bigger and better. While the game initially was more of a free roaming experience, Niantic recently announced that a brand new single player quest will be added to the game. In addition to this, the legendary Pokemon Mew would be available for Trainers to capture.


This week, research tasks will be given to Trainers, and the rewards for completing these research tasks will unlock specific sequences of events that include discovering Mew. The research feature will introduce two new ways of playing: Field Research and Special Research. Special Research is what you may find yourself more interested in, as they involve story based activities that will have Professor Willow himself giving the player certain tasks, and a narrative will unfold as the player finishes more and more tasks. Field Research tasks can be collected from Poke-Stops, and they will have Trainers complete Pokémon centric activities. They can be done multiple times in a single day, and they will steadily increase in their difficulty.

According to Niantic, one will have to collect stamps in order to encounter legendary Pokemon – the number of stamps to be collected looks to be around seven.


These changes give the game structure, which is essential as nearly two years into it, we haven’t been given much to work with. While the self directed goals are fun and a good way to pass time, lack of structure prevented the game from being serious and from becoming a mainstay for fans of the franchise. However, with this change, we may see Pokemon Go re-establish itself as an essential app for any avid gamer.


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