While PUBG has a very solid player base on mobile platforms- Android & iOS, Epic’s Fortnite & the recently made free to play CS:GO by Valve have really eaten into PUBG’s market share on the PC side of things. This is due to Fortnite being free to play since day one & CS:GO being the latest in a very solid franchise of FPS which shaped the competitive gaming landscape that we’re in today.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite

Now, Bluehole Studios is aiming to fix that with PUBG Lite, which as mentioned in the title above, is a cut down version of the game for PC. These cut downs affect two major parts of the game on PC, the price & the minimum system requirements. Both of these aspects should help the game reach a wider audience. Here’s how:

Making PUBG free to play basically opens the doors to millions of gamers who enjoy PUBG on their smartphones who aren’t willing to pay for the same on the PC. Add to that, dropping the minimum system requirements to a Core i3 and more importantly, integrated graphics (the HD Graphics 4000 to be precise) makes PUBG viable for people who don’t even have a gaming PC.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite

This means that even older computers, even those that run the 4th generation of Intel Core i processor can now play the game! The minimum RAM required has also been dropped to 4GB from 8GB.

Of course, this is just the minimum specifications required. For a really good experience, potential users should really look at the recommended specifications which are also lower than the minimum required by the paid version of PUBG.

For now, the only map present in the beta is the original map, Erangel (with Solo, Duo & Squad options). Also, as of writing, the beta is only available in Thailand.

PUBG Lite is not part of PUBG though. It’s a standalone game with a separate developer team behind it. This team will work on exclusive content for PUBG Lite & getting features eventually from the paid PUBG.

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