The Xbox boss Phil Spencer promised “a high quality and diverse 1P, with a strong single-player campaign. Spencer was replying to an Xbox user on Twitter, who was lamenting the lack of exclusives on the Microsoft console.

Sony’s PS4 console has been bringing down the heat on the Xbox and the Xbox boss over at Microsoft. With a slew of exclusives like the new God of War, Death Stranding and the already acclaimed Uncharted and The Last of Us titles. The Xbox has had less than a handful of exclusives, the notable ones being Sea of Thieves and Cuphead.

The Xbox One lost to Sony in the technical race, with the Microsoft console rendering most titles in 720p. The Sony PS4 more than often managed 900p to 1080p, with 30 or higher frame-rate than the Xbox One. With the release of the Xbox One X, the performance crown is back with Microsoft as the PS4 Pro is nowhere as capable as it’s Microsoft competitor. However, the lack of exclusives, or 1st party titles has been a serious concern for Xbox users.

Xbox exclusives Phil SpencerEver since Phil Spencer was promoted to lead the gaming wing at Microsoft, namely the Xbox and the Windows Store, he has been pushing to integrate PC gaming and the Xbox. Spencer has also been working on improving the range of exclusives available on the Xbox console. This year’s E3 is sure to be important for both the Xbox console and Phil Spencer too.


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