PC gaming made up 25% of the industry’s revenue in 2018. It brought in $33.4 billion, a 3.2% improvement since 2017. But this doesn’t mean that the market share of PC games has increased. In fact, it has dropped by 3% compared to last year.

That leaves us with the console and mobile games which take up the rest of the market share. Console games make up for 28% of the industry and have brought in $38.3 billion dollars in revenue, while mobile games the remaining 47%. They made an incredible $63.2 billion dollars in 2018.

But, why do mobile games take up such a large piece of the pie? One of the reasons is that in the age of smartphones and tablets, kids who have no access to a PC are attracted towards mobile applications, which in turn are riddled with micro-transactions/loot boxes.

Mobile Gaming
Mobile games

Browser games went down by 14.8% this year, while PC digital revenue went up by 7% since last year. The retail side of the PC industry is dying and the figures only further prove our point. Totally the gaming industry brought in $134.9 billion dollars this year and the figures show no signs of declining.

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