The Path of Motus is an indie platformer, developed by Michael Hicks about bullying. The game follows a goblin named Motus, as he tries to escape a mysterious forest where his kind have been stuck for generations.

On the surface, The Path of Motus is a platformer that can be completed in one sitting. It spans roughly 2-3 hours and considering that only one person designed it all by himself, it’s quite impressive.

The Path of Motus: Story and Gameplay

The game blends some innovative puzzles with it’s platforming and a fair bit of story to make for a pleasant experience. It may seem like any other platformer, but it has a bunch of really interesting mechanics. Throughout the game, you encounter enemies or “bullies”. Instead of regular weapons like swords or firearms, they are equipped with words. It’s as they say, words cause permanent wounds, and unlike physical ones they don’t heal so easily.

Path of MotusThe whole game is divided into three segments, each depicting one of the main phases of Motus’ life- his childhood, youth and his veteran years. Each stage is riddled with different kinds of challenges and the attitude of his family and friends changes as he grows older. During his childhood, his father doesn’t mind him exploring the forest, but as he grows up, he is often ridiculed for “chasing unrealistic dreams”. Everyone repeatedly urges him to settle down and get a job. As he grows older, he begins regretting his decisions, finding himself isolated once again, just like when he was a kid.

Thoughts and Conclusion

The Path of Motus highlights issues that are widespread in our society, but are rarely addressed despite having seriously damaging impacts. All these heavy subjects are well disguised by the game’s colorful visuals and a cheery soundtrack. In fact, if you don’t pay attention, you might miss the main theme of the game, altogether. That makes The Path of Motus suitable for all ages, so that even children themselves can form their own opinions on this important subject.

Path of MotusThe Path of Motus is a casual platformer with fascinating mechanics and equally notable themes. It’s not an indie you absolutely have to play, but if you are into platformers and prefer games that have a deeper meaning, then you might want to try it out.


  • Innovative puzzles
  • Appealing visuals
  • Calming soundtrack
  • A deeper meaning behind seemingly casual themes


  • Too short with a maximum playtime of 2-3 hours
  • Overly simple plot


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