During the Overwatch D.va stream promotion, Brandon Larned A.K.A Seagull managed to reach 100K concurrent viewers. Partnering with Blizzard for the “Nano Cola Challenge” initiative, Overwatch fans rushed to Seagull’s stream in huge numbers.


To make Seagull’s moment even sweeter Overwatch Game Director and Vice President of Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan, personally congratulated him using his account, Tigole. This was the alias Jeff Kaplan went by during his Everquest glory days as a raid leader and critic of the games encounter design and overall production. Thanks to his fame and popularity, he was approached by Blizzard and joined the company. And now he’s the Vise President.

After the event was wrapped up and done, Seagull shared the statistics of his stream on Twitter:


This may not be the numbers DrDisRespect got when he returned to the streaming scene ( 12,000 subs in one day 390k concurrent viewers), but is still quite impressive nonetheless.

Earlier this month, Seagull had announced his retirement from the Overwatch League. The prolific streamer felt that he had abandoned his audience and wanted to return to Twitch streaming on a full time basis. Today’s event marked Seagull’s return to the streamer space.

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