Outriders Joins Xbox Game Pass For Console From Launch Day

    Outriders - People Can Fly

    Gamers might just have gotten hands on one of the hottest looter-shooters of the year. Outriders looks to decode the formula by spicing up the genre. However, it’s definitely a bit expensive as a pre-order if you don’t exactly know what’s going on with the game. Maybe somehow the recent Outriders demo didn’t seem too conclusive to you, and you want a taste of the action without dropping a bombshell on your wallet? Well, that’s exactly what the Xbox Game Pass is for. From launch day, Outriders will be a part of the Xbox Game Pass.

    Outriders will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library from April 1 (really hope it isn’t a bad attempt at an April Fool’s joke, even though the official press release claims that it isn’t one). All Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users would be able to take advantage of the deal and jump right into the game – no questions asked.

    There’s one small catch here – the deal is “exclusive” only for Xbox consoles as well as the cloud (for mobile devices). There’s no mention of the PC anywhere, which is kind of disappointing. The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter handle has officially clarified that Xbox Game Pass for PC would not be a part of this deal. This is sad since the game looks really good on a decent rig.

    Outriders releases on April 1 across PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but you can play the game for free with its demo, which will carry over your progress into the full game.

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