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Areej Syed


Computer Engineering student and an absent minded techie. Frequently bumps into strangers on the road. Computer Hardware and RPGs are his forte, though he also claims to have a good grip on human psychology and poetry (whatever...).

Rohit Pandit

Head of Business Development

A hotel management student and a die-hard foodie. He manages the backend here at TechQuila, and makes sure the editors don't kill each other while drunk. So yeah, he's basically the mother hen of our lovely family. Great chef by the way, or so we've been told.

Sayan Siddiqui

Section Editor - Mobile

A deep-dyed tech enthusiast and a normiephobe. From smartphones and computers to pagers and calculators, he loves learning and sharing everything technology.

Rahul Majumdar

Deputy Editor-in-chief

Along with being a devout cinephile & an occasional gamer, he likes to dabble in tech regularly, although whenever he does something inevitable gets destroyed. Left engineering for film-making. Loves dogs a bit too much.

Aswin Nair


Another lazy engineer. Loves smartphones, particularly those he can't afford. Also a foodie, and a procrastinating gym rat among other things. Writes under science and smartphone section.

Parth Viradia

Head of Publicity & Marketing

He likes tech. And games. And coffee.

Shawn Zuzarte

Section Editor - Gaming

An avid fan of anime and video games and just an all around geek in general. If you don't let him have his daily dose of anime, he'll probably die. He also loves JRPGs and any kind of anime related game in general, and would love to be a video game dev himself one day.

Varsha Sunilkumar Rao

Editor - Science & Lifestyle

A voracious reader and follower of Anime, TV shows, K-Drama, everything DC and Marvel and music across all genres. She is a tech enthusiast and a passionate pianist. She loves to express (some of the) billions thoughts that go through her head across all these platforms. Also, a chemical engineer in the making.

Harshit Sharma

Editor - PC & Hardware

An avid football lover, and a die-hard Barca fan. Harshit loves to learn all about tech and gadgets he can't afford (yet). A music enthusiast, with Coldplay being his god. Probably one of the most decent people you'll meet.


HR Manager

An ambitious biomedical engineer in the making. She is a hyperactive person, who loves to be a part of all kinds of Co-Curricular activities and research about the latest advancements in the fields of science and technology.

Priyam Agrawal

Web Developer

A webdev and a coder and a good one at that. Watches anime and play games in his free time. Here at TechQuila, he manges the backend and keeps the site running. A very responsible and calm person with proficient leadership skills.

A Karthik


A history buff, mobile tech enthusiast and a football lover. He strongly supports Liverpool FC and smaller screens for mobile phones. With just the right amount of humor and memes, his articles are not only informative and well crafted, but are also good for lightening up your day.

Arvind Pennathur


A law student by day, and video gamer by night, with a particular love for anime and philosophy. Arvind also writes stories and poetry. With a special kind of love for music, he is an avid avid learner, always ready to debate on almost any subject. With unmatched efficiency and reliability, he’s one of our best.

Pashchima Kamal


From her love of photography to the intricacy of gadgets, Pashchima is a versatile writer whose sweet personality reflects in her writing. An engineer in the making, her works reflect her contemporary perspective. Watch life get better after reading her articles as they aim at the convenience aspect of life!

Mihika Saxena


She has rather diverse interests ranging from basketball to playing the guitar, as well as computer coding. Probably has been in a bar fight or two. Mihika has got a pretty refined tastes and will risk watching almost all shows with ratings above 8. With an unorthodox writing style that is both fun to read as well as practical.

Chandrabhan Singh (Bhan)


A particularly laid back individual, he manages to dabble in a little bit of everything and yet no single thing holds his attention for long. Spends borderline obscene amounts of time reading anything and everything that randomly manages to capture his fleeting interest. Passes time by pic

Siddharth Krishnan


An avid film, television, anime, games and book lover, effectively describing every know-it-all, only a bit passive-aggressive. Expect some strongly opinionated reviews of the modern world. And regular reports too. He's the most polite member of our family with very skilled and professional way of writing.

Dia Majumder


Generally confused by the workings of the Universe. A very warm and gentle person. Jack of all trades, she writes about pretty much anything, from entertainment to computer hardware. Very versatile and important part of the team, who’s been there from the very beginning.

Hrishikesh Puthenmadom


Hrishikesh is currently studying Mechanical Engineering, but that doesn't stop him from being a tech enthusiast with an obsession with anime. Tech, TV shows and anime are his caffeine.