Origin PC creates insane Gaming Machine: PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Switch with an RTX Titan Combined


    “The infinity gauntlet of gaming” according to Unbox Therapy and rightly called so as Origin PC has been able to turn a gamer’s incredible fantasy into astonishing reality by building the Ultimate hybrid gaming PC.

    The company tweeted,

    In honor of our 10th anniversary, we created the Big O 2.0: the ultimate gaming machine featuring a powerful PC, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro AND Nintendo Switch all in one!

    Spec-wise the Big O 2.0 has:

    • Intel Core i9-9900K
    • 64GB (4x16GB) Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB
    • MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE Motherboard
    • 2x2TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO NVMe for the OS
    • 14TB Seagate Barracuda Storage Drive
    • Windows 10 OS

    Plus, the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and a slot to dock in the Nintendo Switch.

    There is also a built-in 4K60 capable capture card in case you wish to stream. For convenience, an HDMI switcher box has been added in the front so that you don’t have to change the HDMI input of the TV at all while selecting between the different gaming platforms. The entire system is custom cooled and is housed in Origin’s Genesis Case for maximum airflow.

    Origin PC the Big O 2019 Edition

    It’s an innovative piece of tech but not something we’d recommend buying unless you have money to burn since Origin generally prices these outrageously high at around $17000.

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