Oppo’s 10x “Lossless” zoom might just be the next big Smartphone Camera Technology


    Mobile World Congress a.k.a M.W.C is one biggest mobile events of the year. Every year several companies showcase their top of the line technologies in the event but only a few of them manage to stand out and grab the eyeballs. One such tech announced just ahead of MWC 2019 is Oppo’s 10x Lossless Zoom. This was an expected annoucement as the company tweeted a teaser showing the same just few days back.

    The 10x zoom is enabled by a triple camera module. The bottom camera is the periscopic telephoto camera.
    source: GSMARENA

    Nevertheless, the tech looks impressive and promising. The tech is enabled by a triple camera module which comprises of a 48MP main shooter, followed by a 120-degree ultra wide camera and a periscopic telephoto camera. Together, these cameras cover a range of 16mm to 160mm, hence providing 10x zoom .

    The 10x zoom in action.

    Both the main and telephoto camera will feature OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).  Also the telephoto camera has a stabilization accuracy of upto 0.001445 degrees which is approximately a 70 percent improvement when compared to the 5x zoom Oppo showcased at MWC2017.

    Both the 48MP main shooter and the periscopic telephoto lens are having OIS.
    source: engadget,com

    Another remarkable achievement is that there was hardly any camera bump on the device on which Oppo’s 10x Lossless zoom tech was showcased. As a matter of fact the triple camera module is only 6.76mm thick.

    Sample shot from the oppo device showcased at the event.
    source: GSMARENA

    But the most exciting news is that this tech may not be limited to only Oppo devices in the future as Samsung acquired Israeli photography firm Corephotonics just a few weeks back and this is the company which was involved with Oppo in developing zoom solutions. So there is chance future Galaxy devices may also sport this tech and this tech could hopefully become more mainstream in future smartphones. Oppo says it this tech will debut on its smartphone in Q2 this year.

    Sample shot at 10x zoom.
    source: GSMARENA

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