Oppo Showcases 85-200mm Continuous Zoom Lens, 5-axis OIS Camera Sensor and Next-Generation RGBW Sensor

    Oppo Camera Event

    Few days after announcing its new camera innovation lab in HyderabadOppo has showcased some of its new camera technologies, debuting in smartphones launching later this year. The event was headed by the company’s Director of Imaging Simon Liu.

    The company unveiled a new sensor, a variable zoom lens, new sensor stabilization technology and an improved algorithm to control the next-gen under-display cameras. So let’s have a look at what’s cooking up at Oppo’s imaging division.

    Next-Gen RGBW Sensor

    According to the company, Oppo’s new RGBW sensor will offer an improved light sensitivity by adding “additional white sub-pixel groundbreaking, DTI technology, and OPPO’s self-developed 4-in-1 pixel algorithm.” The new sensor allows 60% more light to be captured and brings 35% improvement in noise reduction, says Oppo. The company is using DTI (deep trench isolation) to reduce pixel cross-talk and improve image quality. The new RGBW sensor is expected to debut in Q4, 2021.

    85-200mm Continuous Optical Zoom Sensor

    The second sensor in the list is an 85-200mm continuous optical zoom sensor. The new zoom sensor brings quite a few innovations onboard, including the glass + plastic approach, a new tunnel magnetoresistance sensor (TMR), and a new shaft motor supporting “Continuous Optical Zoom at higher magnifications.”

    The sensor is not expected to debut soon as there could be some issues considering it would have quite a few moving parts. Oppo says they will continue conducting various drop and reliability tests before the sensor hits mass production.

    5-axis OIS Camera Sensor

    The new 5-axis OIS technology incorporates both lens and sensor stabilization to achieve maximum stabilization. According to the company, the new stabilization would provide three times more stabilization than the traditional OIS technology. The new OIS sensor is said to debut in the first quarter of 2021.

    Algorithm for next-gen under-display cameras

    Aside from announcing a bunch of new sensors, Liu also talked about Oppo’s newly developed algorithm for the under-display camera. The new algorithm is designed to work with a pixel density of 400ppi over the camera. Oppo says that this solution would provide for much better control over chromaticity and brightness.

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