Online Therapy: Share, Talk and Conquer!

    Online Therapy

    Let’s face it – the world is pretty messed up. Working, studying, taking care of the house and your near and dear ones are stressful enough. And in the midst of all this, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. With stress and anxiety coming into our lives and minds from different directions, it helps to have someone to talk to, right? Sometimes you might need that extra help from someone who will be completely impartial to you, and that’s where online therapy comes in.

    The world is not set in stone anymore and with everything changing every minute of every day, it’s apparent that our traditional health options are also going through an upheaval. And in times when lockdown and social distancing are the norms, online therapy comes in handy.

    So, what is online therapy? It basically ensures in providing mental health services over the internet. The mode can be anything – video or audio calls, texts, emails, chatting or anything available at the tip of your fingertips.

    Online Therapy

    However, are you confused between online and traditional therapy? Well, we can tell you why online therapy might be a little better for you in this time and age:

    1. Online therapy saves time and money
      Online therapy saves a lot of time and you can just meet your therapist as quickly as possible after signing up for it virtually. Don’t like commuting to and from? Now, it’s not needed anymore.
    2. Online therapy is more convenient
      With texting and email in the mix, you don’t need to change your schedule to get the help that you need. Just one simple text can help you in the time of need – it’s that simple!
    3. No more social anxiety
      If you’re someone who is anxious about meeting new people, then online therapy will work wonders for you. With services like BetterHelp having various options when it comes to seeking therapy, you don’t need to worry about anything. And privacy? Don’t worry, that’s absolutely guaranteed. If you’re worried about meeting someone you know at the waiting room, well, that’s definitely not happening either.
    4. No more stigma
      Let’s face it, the world still hasn’t fully come to terms with mental health problems and ways to overcome them. And if you’re unsure whether to seek help due to this, then online therapy might just be the answer for you. Talk to your therapist from the comfort of your home – no one is going to find out until you decide to tell them.

    However, even with every possible pro and con listed, you still need to figure out what works for you. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind:

    1. Research the tool well: whatever you’re using, be it an app or a website, research well before choosing it. Ask yourself whether it looks credible and question the claims that they make before you invest your time and effort into it. Websites like BetterHelp offer excellent services that might just be the right fit for you.
    2. Check out your therapist: check your therapist and their license well before you jump into it. A little bit of research will help you get better help.
    3. Read reviews: check out whether the app and the therapist are good at their job. You wouldn’t want to land up at a place where they won’t be able to keep you anonymous or will not listen to you.
    Online Therapy

    If you’ve figured all of these out, try doing the following for your online therapy session:

    1. Making a set time for your therapy and a set space might help you to want to go to therapy more. Having a space to chat with your therapist is as important as finding the right therapist sometimes. The point is: you should feel safe and relaxed.
    2. The awkwardness will be there for the first few times. However, don’t give up. Therapy can be exhilarating and you can only find that out if you keep at it.
    3. With the advent of the different types of therapies that were mentioned above, try to play around with what is offered to you. Maybe you’ll find more than one way of expression!
    4. Make the most of the uniqueness of online therapy. Be it sitting with your fur baby or sending your therapist things to talk about ahead of time, there are different things that you can do to make the experience more relaxing.
    5. Trust me, nothing that you say during therapy is ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’. Everything matters, all of your emotions. So spelling out what you feel and what you need might just be the trick that helps you improve your mental health.

    Therapy is a safe space for you to open yourself up, be vulnerable, ask questions and get their answers. It can help you to clear up your mind – like lifting a weight off your shoulders. Always remember that you’re not alone in the world and thinking about your mental and physical wellbeing always takes precedence. Be patient with yourself. Although it might not work out the first time, it will definitely click the second time. It might be awkward and confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. And always be as honest as you can – your therapist is there to help you.

    Mental health is important – yours included.


    1. I think online therapy can be so helpful, but with a lot of things it is something that you need to do your research on before going ahead with it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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