Oneplus Unveils its Revamped Brand Logo with New Typeface


    Earlier this week, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the company would change its brand visual identity, after using the same branding for the past six years. The new branding with its modernized logo is now live. OnePlus revealed it today on Weibo and on its website. At first glance, it would seem like there’s nothing new about the logo.

    Upon closer inspection, one can point out that the “OnePlus” font has changed. The company has removed the solid box behind the word “OnePlus” and made the weight of the entire logo consistent. Check out the old and new brand logo below.


    OnePlus has also increased the logo’s thickness, removed the line at the bottom of the number “1” within the logo and gave it a slight curve so it’s more recognizable. The Plus sign is now slightly bigger, making it a more relevant part of the logo.

    The next change is the updated Never Settle tagline. OnePlus has modified its style by updating the font, the spacing between the letters and replaced the upper case for mixed cases.


    The subtle iteration of the logo comes as the Shenzhen based company gears up for the launch of the OnePlus 8 series. The upcoming series is rumored to launch on April 15, so we can expect the new branding on the back of these devices. Did you like the new OnePlus logo? Comment your thoughts down below!

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