OnePlus announces new India- specific features on Oxygen OS


    OnePlus had promised new India specific Oxygen OS features. The company, at the India launch of OnePlus 7 Pro, had said that it will be rolling out new India-specific features soon and we have more details on that now. This is all you need to know about these features.


    OnePlus is embedding caller identification in its own dialer app. Users will be able to view who is calling them, whether it is a spam call or a service call. This feature is currently accessible through apps like Truecaller, but seeing this as a part of the OS is great.


    OnePlus will allow users to choose how much time they want to spend on a particular app. They can also set leisure time and choose to block app notifications at that time. The app will also let users monitor their app usage throughout the day. This feature is very similar to the Digital Well-being feature rolled out by Google with the Android Pie update.



    There is a new app called Smart SMS. The app will be able to identify the type of message received and display the message accordingly. For example, if you receive a text of your movie tickets, the name of the movie, date, and seats will be highlighted. OnePlus says that it can categorize up to 39 different types of text messages. Currently, if you want to use similar features like this, you can use Microsoft SMS Organizer


    While it is still not clear how this feature will actually work, OnePlus says that this will allow users to choose from affordable data plans when they are traveling internationally. This will show up in the Wifi & Internet option of the Settings app.


    Finally, for the cricket fans out there, Oneplus will be adding a new Cricket Feed in the Shelf, the leftmost screen on its phones. The company has partnered with ESPN for this feature.

    The new features will be rolling out sometime in June to OnePlus 6 and 6T users. The company has no word on whether these features will be available on OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro phones as of now.

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