No, OnePlus 8 Pro cannot give you Superman’s X-Ray vision!

    OnePlus 8 5G

    Twitter and Reddit discovered a new feature!?

    Recently Twitterati and Redditors found another reason to go bonkers about. OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray feature was discovered and apparently it can see through plastic items?! Ben Geskin tweeted this video and we also saw a video from Lew at Unbox Therapy up addressing this.

    Initially discovered on Reddit, Redditors went mad speculating that it could see-through anything, even clothes! Of course, this isn’t true. The filter just enables you to see through certain thinner plastic elements that are IR transmissible.

    Camera setup showing sensor that might have the answer for OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray feature

    The latest flagship from OnePlus comes equipped with an IR sensor. This is probably the reason it could see through IR transmissible plastic. This also explains why most of the videos out there include ones with remotes and TVs – things that need infrared wavelengths.

    Apparently near-infrared wavelengths can pass through many synthetic fabrics and other materials that don’t allow visibility through the naked eye. Sony apparently had to recall a range of its camcorders back in 1998 as it reportedly had “x-ray” capabilities through IR based night vision technology. So obviously this technology is not new. And so far OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray feature works only on IR transmissible plastic.

    No clarity on the subject yet

    We reached out to OnePlus and are awaiting their response on this subject and will update when we get an explanation from the company. It might also be a case of the sensor being sensitive to infrared light and not have an actual infrared sensor for all we know.

    But either way, this is a really cool feature to have. I can only imagine what could be done in the right creative direction to take advantage of OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray “feature”. This is something that creators can definitely take advantage of while creating content.

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