OnePlus 8 Pro Tipped to Carry an Official IP Rating for Water-Resistance


    OnePlus is known to offer incredible value-for-money affordable flagship devices in a market where the big players are releasing devices costing way over $1000.

    Despite offering top-notch specifications, OnePlus devices have always lacked some features like wireless charging and an official IP rating for water resistance, something that most of the other premium flagships offer. However, that might change with the upcoming OnePlus 8 series.

    A popular tipster, Max J, has shared a concept image on Twitter, suggesting that the upcoming OnePlus 8 series will likely have an official IP rating (i.e. IP67 or IP68) for water and dust resistance. Here’s the tweet.

    Since this is merely a speculation and not an official confirmation from OnePlus, we would suggest to take it with a pinch of salt.

    Earlier this year, the same tipster had shared a similar image depicting that the OnePlus 8 Pro might also get wireless charging. And judging by several other leaks and reports, it is very likely that wireless charging is indeed coming in the upcoming flagship.

    OnePlus phones have never carried an official IP rating, it is so that the company can save some money in external testing and be able to keep the prices of its smartphones low. This doesn’t mean that these devices lack any water or dust resistance, it’s just that they have not been tested by an external authorized agency and the testing is probably done by OnePlus in-house to save money.

    Although last year’s OnePlus 7 series lacked any certification, the company demonstrated its water-resistance abilities by dunking one of the phones in a bucket of water.

    The tweet likely points to the Pro version of OnePlus 8 with an official rating and it would make sense for the company to offer this rating on its Pro model and not the cheaper standard model.

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