Omnivision Has Developed The World’s Tiniest Camera, Size Of A Grain Of Sand


    California-based company, Omnivision, has developed the world’s tiniest imaging camera. Winning the Guinness World Record for it, the OV6948 camera is sized at 0.575 mm x 0.575 mm which is equivalent to a grain of sand.

    This camera sensor delivers a 40,000-pixel coloured image using its RGB Bayer chip. It has a 1/36 inch optical format and is capable of capturing 200×200 resolution video at 30 frames per second. Using Omnivision’s proprietary sensor technology, the OV6948 is capable of producing sharp, clear images even in low-light conditions. It can shoot up to 120 degrees around it and has a depth of field of 30mm.

    All of these features make the camera perfect for wearables, forensic, dental and veterinary applications. It had initially been developed for medical appliances such as endoscopes and catheters, but being the only ultra-small ‘chip on tip’ camera, extended its implementation to other fields.

    Here’s what the company had to say-

    “Due to the sensor’s low power consumption, less heat is generated at the distal tip of the endoscope, improving patient comfort and thus permitting longer-duration procedures. The sensor enables easy integration, with a 4-pin interface and analog data output, capable of data transmission of up to 4 meters with minimal signal noise.”

    Due to the ever-growing demand for high-quality disposable guidewires, catheters, and endoscopes, the OV6948’s wafer-level camera module is the perfect compact solution. It can easily be disposed of thereby reducing cross-contamination risks and repair costs which in turn improves patient comfort and shortens their recovery time.

    The Omnivision OV6948 is now the smallest commercially available imaging camera. The record is based on market research carried out by Transparency Market Research in Pune, India, on 10 April 2019.

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