Oculus Go was announced several months before the latest edition of the Game Developers Conference. A few days ago, the Oculus Go was on display for people to try in an exclusive demo at GDC 2018.

oculus goThe headset was reported to be light and responsive to movement, and it was comfortable enough that simple strap adjustments would ensure that it would be placed firmly on your head.

One minor complaint was the heat that emanated from both the front and the side of the device. It seemed to intensify the longer the device was in use, and the attendants explained that the device had a tendency to get warm and that sweat coming out from the players would sometimes be enough to fog up the lenses if they used the headset for long enough. While this is a tad disappointing, it is not entirely unexpected, especially considering what was shown was pre-release hardware.

One of the main purposes of the Oculus Go at GDC was to show the added value that cross platform support can give. Titles backed by Facebook was the primary focus as cross-play from the Rift to Go in Settlers of Catan as well as space battling game Anshar Online from Ozwe Games was shown.

In theory, this solves two problems at once — giving players picking up Oculus Go people to play these games with while also steadily expanding the player base for people who own the Rift.

oculus goThe display was reportedly was vivid and colorful, but there were a couple of performance glitches. Overall, however, the experience was smooth and seamless. While the new Oculus Go doesn’t offer headphones that completely cover your ears, the sound was still clear through the tiny speakers on the side of the headset, even factoring in the noise of the convention. At a mere $200, its hard to argue against buying it if you’re a VR enthusiast. For more info and buying this VR headset, visit the official page.

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