At CES, a lot of companies are trying out new things. Popular computer case and thermal solutions’ manufacturer NZXT seems to be following that trend as well. On Tuesday, NZXT’s first motherboard was revealed at CES.

NZXT's First Motherboard
Looks chic

This was a very surprising announcement. After all motherboards and cabinets  are quite far apart in terms of manufacturing. If looks could kill, then NZXT’s first motherboard, the N7 would be a mass murderer. However, no matter how appealing a motherboard may look, its features and design ultimately set it apart.

The N7 sports metal-plating all over the board similar to Asus’s Sabertooth line of boards. The plating is entirely composed of steel, and won’t do much in the way of thermals. The M.2 SSDs appear to have the popular M.2 heat sinks but are just mere covers. The underside is actually plastic, although the top is, for some inexplicable reason, aluminum.

NZXT's First Motherboard
Black doesn’t suit it?

Looking at the customization and the visuals, it’s evidently clear that NZXT is targeting the modding community. The other features of this motherboard are modest at best. The memory support is limited to 3866 Mhz. Other specifications include two M.2 connectors, support for SLI and CrossFire and a 15-phase power design. With a price tag of 300 USD, the pricing isn’t very competitive either.

With NZXT’s first motherboard, the focus is the Hue+ RGB lighting system

The shiny visuals and lighting can make for a very clean build, if you are into that kind of thing and are willing to forget about a bunch of features every other 300$ motherboard offers (A big NO from me).

Founder and CEO Johnny Hou also released the following statement about the launch:

“Leveraging our years of experience as professional PC builders, we’ve designed the N7 motherboard with a completely new approach. In the face of increasing complexity in the PC gaming market, we want to make building easier and more enjoyable, with the N7 as a cornerstone for this new experience. Everything you need–from easy layout and obvious connections to digital fan control and RGB lighting–is included. We’ve also designed a completely unique motherboard cover so it’s both beautiful and powerful. You can’t build a quieter, better-looking system as easily as you can with our new N7 motherboard.”



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