NVIDIA RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 Specs Leak – Might Launch Earlier Than Expected?

    NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 and 3070 Ti specs leak

    While we are all waiting for more news regarding next-gen flagship GPUs we have got a wind that the entry and lower-mid level GPUs have already entered production. The GA-106 which if we go by previous generations represents the RTX 3060 and the GA-107 represents the RTX 3050. This news comes in thanks to the Twitter user @kopite7kimi who revealed the same.

    It is actually unusual for the entry and mid-range GPUs to enter production so early in the generation but this can be attributed to AMD’s RDNA2 being quick on their feet. And NVIDIA perhaps feels it’s wise to act unconventionally to tackle the threat of AMD.

    It’s also expected that the RTX 3060 will come out at the $300 price tag. But will only feature 6GB of VRAM which is a marked downgrade from the 8GB found on the RTX 2060 Super.

    Nvidia RTX 3060

    But that is sure to change since there will be multiple GPUs based on the GA106 die, maybe the GA106-300 and GA106-400. The GA106-400 would be an RTX 3060 ‘Super’/Ti with 8GB of VRAM as previously stated while the GA106-300 will be the 6GB variant. The GA106-200 may end up being a 3050 Ti.

    While the RTX 3060 series occupies the $300 price range and the RTX 3050 will aim for the $150-200. There is still a vacuum in the $200-300 price bracket, which AMD would gladly scoop up if given the chance hence the RTX 3050 Ti/Super will fit that gap perfectly.

    Nvidia GA106

    This will replace the GTX 1660 since they probably won’t be a GTX variant this year as there will be RTX capabilities all across the stack. This is particularly evident as AMD has promised the same with their RDNA2 GPUs so it won’t look well for NVIDIA to not do the same.

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